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Slide STAFFING To keep pace with the changing needs in these unprecedented time and to alleviate the unnecessary costs, our team of lawyers are prepared to provide you with the supports you need, when you need them, without the ongoing expense. supervisor_account shuffle Expertise Support Flexibility Our dynamic team of experienced lawyers are ready to fill your temporary legal needs. Our team are technically excellent in a wide range of legal areas, in particular, commercials, employment, regulatory investigations, criminal and civil litigation. With direct access to the firm’s knowhow databases, precedents and specialists in different practice areas, our team is well equipped to identify the relevant issues at hand, devise the appropriate strategies and implement solutions to the challenges that you are facing. We can provide on-site as well as remote legal support to help serve your needs. To ensure cost efficiency, we can arrange for a legal specialist to assist to look at a specific issue, or assign a team of legal professionals to assist in handling a project over a period of time. CONTACT US