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Slide Start-up tool kit
PRECEDENTS Providing businesses and entrepreneurs with today's tools for tomorrow's success, we provide easily accessible legal documents prepared by experienced lawyers. We offer various subscription packages to serve your needs and help minimize costs. Contact us for further information.
Advisor agreement
Articles of association
Board resolutions
Company formation documents
Consultancy agreement
Convertible bonds instrument
Employment agreement
Founder service agreement
Founder’s pledge
IP assignment agreement
Management rights agreement
Members resolutions
Non-competition agreement
Non-disclosure agreement
Option agreement
Restrict stock purchase agreement
Shareholders agreement
Stock option
Subscription agreement
Voting rights agreement
Consultancy agreement
Employment agreement (part-time / full-time)
Indemnity in favour of director
Letter confirming summary dismissal
Resignation letter
Redundancy letter
Staff handbook
Secondment agreement
Termination notice
Warning letter
Assignment of intellectual property
Consultancy agreement
Domain name assignment
IP and IT due diligence
Internet service agreement
Know-how licence
Letter of claim (intellectual property infringement)
Licence agreement
Manufacturing agreement
Mortgage of intellectual property
R&D collaboration agreement
Software / mobile app development agreement
Software development agreement
Terms and conditions for licence of software
CONTACT US Carried interest assignment agreement
Co-investment agreement
Closing checklist
Investment advisory agreement
Limited partnership agreement
Management arrangements agreement
Management agreement
Partnership interest agreement – leavers and joiners
Private placement memorandum
Subscription agreement
Transfer of partnership interests
Term sheet
Funds Discipline and misconduct toolkit
- Disciplinary procedure
- Disciplinary rules
- Conducting disciplinary investigation and hearing
- Letter suspending an employment pending investigation
- Letter requesting attendance at disciplinary hearing
- Agenda for disciplinary hearing
Assets acquisition
Board resolutions
Call option
COVID-19 – diligence checklist
Confidentiality agreement
Completion agenda
Disclosure letter
Escrow agreement
Exclusivity agreement
Joint ventures
Legal due diligence information request list
Legal due diligence review template
Members resolutions
Post-completion checklist
Post-completion integration checklist
Put option
Put and call option
Power of attorney
Rules for data room
Shares acquisition
Term sheet
COVID-19 restructuring toolkit
Intercreditor deed for unsecured debt
Letter before action: winding up petition
Letter requesting production of documents
Sale of business and assets by company in administration
Standstill agreement
Statutory demand
Restructuring and