Mao HongTao
D: +852 3468 7200

Mao Hongtao

Registered Foreign Lawyer (PRC)

Mr. Mao Hongtao, a criminal defense lawyer with over twenty years of trial experience in mainland China.  Mr. Mao specializes in criminal defense and complex disputes in mainland China.  Mr. Mao has been awarded with, among others, “National Outstanding Lawyer” by the All China Lawyers Association, “Top 15 Litigation Lawyers in China” by ALB, “Outstanding Lawyer in Legal Aid Action” by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China.  Mr. Mao is a member of the Criminal Professional Committee of the All China Lawyers Association and an initiator of the “Ten Criminal Defenders” forum in Beijing.
Over twenty years of practice, Mr. Mao has represented a wide array of clients (including corporations, individuals and government officials) in a broad range of matters covering criminal investigation and prosecution, and complex civil cases.