Divorce and separation
property settlement

Family law

Our team are specialists in all areas of family law and de facto cases.  We pride ourselves as being at the forefront of international and cross-cultural family law transcending boundaries to cater for clients’ needs worldwide and across multiple jurisdictions.  Our knowledge and experience allow our clients to achieve timely and practical outcomes.  We take time to listen to our clients, understand all aspects of the case.  We advise clients on their rights and obligations, and assist them in achieving favourable outcomes.  We use all appropriate avenues to negotiate the best possible outcome, including mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Divorce and Separation

Experiencing a separation and divorce is stressful and difficult.  We assist clients in minimizing the stress and difficulty by delivering cost efficient and optimal results with a balance of sensitivity and pragmatism. We also minimize the adverse effects of separation and divorce on our clients by adopting appropriate dispute resolution approaches to our clients’ circumstance, be it facilitating amicable settlements where possible or resorting to litigating in Court to protect our clients’ interests as necessary.  We are attentive to our client’s needs and customize our approach to suit the best interests of our client in this emotionally taxing process.  We recognize that our clients’ relationship and family going through such a turmoil is an ongoing and central part of their lives.



We advise and handle a variety of matters involving children, particularly issues with respect to custody, care and control of children throughout divorce proceedings. We also have experience in obtaining the return of children wrongfully removed from Hong Kong and obtaining orders to remove children temporarily or permanently from Hong Kong.

Spousal Maintenance

Our team is experienced in representing and assisting clients with spousal maintenance and spousal support matters.  We give advice and options as to the best approach and outcome.  We advise clients about whether they can make a successful claim for spousal claim, or how to defend a claim against them.  We regularly prepare financial agreements in relation to protection from future spousal maintenance claims. 

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Property Settlement

We have substantial experience advising clients on the appropriate division of assets upon a divorce. We have assisted clients in resolving a wide range of financial related matters, including obtaining or resisting maintenance pending suit, obtaining settlement of property orders, transfer of property orders, order for sale of property and lump sum orders. We also have experience in assisting clients to take enforcement action against the other party’s non-compliance with relevant financial obligations under Court Orders